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It might seem easy to decorate a small house because after all, there isn’t much space to fill out. However, it can also be tricky because if you’re not careful, you can easily overcrowd your house. Here are a few tips on how to efficiently decorate a small house.

Make use of your wall

There are many other uses for an empty wall other than to hang paintings or pictures. If you think a bookshelf takes too much space, you can install racks on your walls to store books. You can also put on photo frames and small plants. Wall cabinets also take up less space, so you can have them in your kitchen to store dining and cooking utensils.

Add huge mirrors

It is a well-known trick to have mirrors so that a room appears wider than it actually is. Install mirrors in your living room or at the entrance of your house. Make sure it is nowhere near a damp space such as a faucet or a fridge because the water might leak and cause mirrors to become rusty. Don’t install too many big mirrors because you don’t want your house to become a mirror maze.

Avoid clutter

This is probably the most important rule to remember if you have a small house. Clutter isn’t only a pain for the eyes; it also reduces the already small space that you have in your house. Clutter induces dust, and dust makes your house dirty and unhealthy. A pile of anything– books, clothes, appliances — can lead to cluttering. Make sure you have an organized system of where everything should be stored, and if a clutter begins to form, get rid of it quickly.

Mix warm and bright colors

The color of your house also defines how spacious it’s going to look. We recommend painting and decorating your home in bright colors and furnishing them with warmer colors that match, or vice versa. You can also do the age-old trick of having one wall painted with wallpaper or a warmer tone than the others in the room. This method will also add a more spacious feeling to the room. Never wash your house with too many dark colors as this will make the room seem smaller.

In addition to these tips, you can also consult with a professional interior designer who will advise you on how you should decorate your small house.

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