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How to Clean your house the lazy way

If you thought that cleaning is a hassle and such an annoying task, then you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people that have a full-time job while taking care of their kids and they have to come home with chores waiting for them. But, no matter how lazy you are one day you have to clean your place, whether you like it or not. But do not worry, here we have listed several ways on how to clean your house the simple, quick and easy way. Read this article to find out more.

professionalSeek professional services

Yes, this is a perfect way to clean your house if you’re too lazy, or not used to do the household chores. Professional services will clean your house in a second, and you don’t need to provide any cleaning supplies or tools, as they will bring it by themselves to your place. Although you’re paying them money to clean your house, you’re also saving yourself some time and also to avoid any further mess if you’re not good at cleaning.

Tip: cleaning carpets can be quite hard, especially if you have no idea on how to clean it, check out cleanerssurbiton as they provide professional carpet cleaning services.

Look for tips and tricks

A lazy person can always found a hack on how to clean the house easier and faster. For example, cleaning a microwave full of gunk and dirt is a hassle, especially if they’re already hard and crusty, which will add more difficulties on cleaning the machine. Look for tips, such as putting a water filled with a tablespoon of vinegar and lemon juice into the microwave for 2 minutes, which will ‘melt’ the dirt and makes it more easier to wipe the dirt away.

Tip: there’s always a cleaning hack on the Internet, so make sure to do a quick research on how to clean easily.


Another tip on how to make cleaning less of a hassle is to multitask. When you’re waiting for the water to boil before you cook, you can wash the dishes, it doesn’t have to be finished, but at least you’re using your time efficiently while you’re doing something else, but make sure you’re not forgetting what you were going to do at first.

Tip: make a schedule to cleaning small chores instead of having a full day to clean the whole house, which can be quite tiring.

Common Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Do you normally find carpet cleaning as a boring and difficult task? If you do, then you need to worry as there are companies that specialize in carpet cleaning. They have all the necessary facilities that are needed to ensure your carpet is spotlessly clean and attractive as well. You, however, need to make sure that you hire the right carpet cleaning company. This is because not all companies are capable of giving you that perfect services that you are looking for. Carpet cleaning companies employ various methods of carpet cleaning as they go along the task of duty. Are Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods Bad For Kids? That is a question that many people ask and to get the right answer, a bit of research is needed.

Common methods of carpet cleaning

You need to understand that there are many methods that can be used for carpet cleaning. So before you let a carpet cleaning company do the task for you, let them explain to you the specific methods that they are going to use. Take note of the fact that some methods might be expensive and more efficient than others.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This is a technique that makes use of synthetic detergents. The synthetic detergents crystallize into powder form when they are dry. It is very common nowadays because is very efficient as it does not make use of a lot of water. Another important thing to note about this method that it is eco-friendly. This means that there is no toxic substance produced during the entire process.

Shampooing of the carpet

If your carpet is full of heavy dirt, then this is the right method that you should employ. Shampooing of the carpet has been known to be very effective when it comes to removing tough stains. However, you need to understand that the method leaves behind some wet form and this makes it very difficult for the carpet to dry completely. It is also said that the method seems to have a high affinity for dirt.

Hot water extraction

This type of cleaning method is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It makes use of hot water at high pressure to get rid of the dirt on your carpet. This method basically involves applying a cleaning detergent on the affected area. After that, there is a thorough scrubbing and then rinsing. Once all that is done, the last step is to dry the carpet. Most carpet cleaning company employ various techniques to have the carpet dried.

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Home Carpet Cleaning – Tips To Use When Shopping For A Carpet Cleaning Machine

You have no reason to struggle cleaning your stained carpet when you can have a carpet cleaner do that for you. Well, in case you have never thought of buying one, there are many types of carpet cleaners in the market today. For instance, you might consider purchasing a portable carpet cleaner for cleaning spills or a steam cleaner for scrubbing dirt from your rug. What is the best carpet cleaner? Well, for you to make the right choice here are some tips to use when shopping for these cleaning assistants.

Tips to use when shopping for a carpet cleaner

Consider the size of the cleaner

When it comes to matters size, you should look for a cleaner that is of the aSxASdzscADSright size for your home. Ideally, this implies that homeowners with large homes should consider buying larger or heavy duty carpet cleaner. For instance, you might need a cleaner with multiple brushes, wide cleaning tracks, and large water tanks. Alternatively, a handheld cleaner can be ideal for small homes since it allows you to clean those tight places.

Look for the features you need

What do you want from a carpet cleaner? Before buying a carpet cleaner, you should have a clear idea of what you intend to do. From there, you can look at the functions and features that will help address your needs. A good carpet cleaner should have a spraying tool that can dissolve stubborn stains, an inbuilt water heater, and a water tank among other features. Homeowners living in homes with stairways should also look at the portability feature. Moreover, you can also look at the availability of a cleaning formula if your rug requires special chemicals to clean.


asdcSDxcASDcYou might be tempted to buy a large carpet cleaner. This is particularly the case for homeowners with large carpets to clean. In as much as this is a genuine concern, you also need to look at the ease of storage. As such, pay close attention to the available space versus the size of the cleaner. So, with adequate space, a large wide track cleaner can be a good option. In case you do not have enough space, you might be forced to buy a portable model that can fit into a closet.

A carpet cleaning machine is a worthy investment for any homeowner. Homeowners with the right machines are guaranteed to have cleaner and healthy homes. The tips provided above go a long way in ensuring you get a carpet cleaner that will meet all your cleaning needs.


Benefits of using professional carpet cleaning companies

Having your carpet clean can improve the aesthetic value of your home. However, the job can be hectic and tiresome especially after having a busy day. More to this, it is a regular job that is energy sapping. This should no longer bother you, as you can get carpet cleaning services that can do perfect clean-up for you. Here are some benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Fast and efficient

Carpet cleaning companies offer a quick and effective way of cleaning your sdcFAAZDCEDhome. These companies have knowledge on the best way to handle the different types of carpets. In addition to this, they are well equipped with vacuum cleaners that extract all the dirt from your carpet. Moreover, all detergents and equipment used are certified, and this ensures efficiency of the work done

Improve the air quality in your home

As opposed to vacuum cleaners that only remove the dirt on the surface of the carpet, professional carpet cleaners are capable of eliminating invasive and microscopic contaminants. In return, this ensures that the air in your home is dust free. These microscopic contaminants can cause respiratory illness and hence eliminating them is key to ensure a healthy family.

No need to work for long hours

Carpet cleaning can be tiresome especially when your home has lots of furniture. This implies that you will have to move them around to be able to clean all the corners of the carpet. More to this, carpet cleaning is done on a regular basis, and over time this can drain your energy and even cause back pains. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner ensures that carpet cleaning is perfectly done following all the steps thus saving your energy and time.

Money guarantee

AsCAsasProfessional carpet cleaners have an additional benefit of money guarantee for the services they provide within a certain timeframe. In the case of any complaints from their clients, they can handle the problem raised. More to this, they do follow-ups to inquire about any issues that their customers may need to be addressed.

Increase carpet lifespan

As stated earlier, professional carpet cleaners, have knowledge on cleaning different kinds of carpets. They clean your carpet with appropriate equipment and a detergent that keeps it shine for a long time. Thus, regular cleaning and disinfecting can increase the carpet lifespan while leaving it sparkling clean always.